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FAQ: Exchange Server non-delivery reports

  1. Exchange Server non-delivery reports (NDRs) indicate email delivery issues. Causes can include non-existent, inactive or expired accounts, unresolved recipients, misspelled email addresses, SMTP problems, spam, poor spam filter configuration, a full BADMAIL folder, missing reverse DNS entries, and firewall interoperability issues — just to name a few. Get tips on enabling and disabling NDRs, and learn how to decipher and troubleshoot NDR messages in this collection of expert advice.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How to designate NDR recipients
    How to retrieve messages delivered to inactive accounts
    NDR: ‘You do not have permission to send to this recipient’
    NDR: Message blocked because it contains a banned word
    Spam filling up BADMAIL folder
    Generating an NDR from a user’s mailbox
    Can I create a report/list of undeliverable email?
    Can I modify NDRs in Exchange 2003?
    User unable to send to a specific domain
    Forward unknown recipient email to a special user
    NDR errors with yahoo.com email
    Configuring Exchange Server to send NDRs to external users
    Troubleshooting ‘undeliverable notifications’

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